I’m a post-doctoral researcher at the IMDEA Software Institute, currently working with Dario Fiore on efficient Zero-Knowledge proof systems and other cryptography-flavored topics.

I received a Ph.D. from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York where I worked with Rosario Gennaro.


In some of my latest projects I worked on questions such as:

  • Can we compose SNARKs in an efficient and general manner? [paper]
  • How (not) to pay for digital goods and services on Bitcoin? [paper]
  • Is expressive, efficient “higher” crypto (e.g. MPC, FHE, VC) possible without cryptographic assumptions (at the cost of being secure against “weaker” adversaries)? [paper]
  • How to design protocols for verifiable computation when a server is economically incentivized (and with no cryptographic assumptions)? [thesis]

ZK Standards

You can find a list of publications on my Google Scholar page.